Sophie Methuen – Turner transforms into an Elf for Churchill Square and gives advice for autism hour

Last week, I celebrated my Birthday. I was highly nervous about this as I was unsure I had achieved enough, and I feel the world is passing me by. However, I wrote a list of everything I have achieved in the past year. Yes, there have been bad elements. Yes there is room for more development. However, progression can be done and I have achieved.

I did a murder mystery event last night in Eastbourne. I love those! The chance to dress up, interact with people in fancy dress. Wonderful. It always reminds me of why I wanted to be an actor in the first place.

I am also preparing to be an Elf. This maybe a surprise to some, that because I’m tall I have been cast as an Elf. However, remember that Tolkein’s Elves were huge. How does one prepare to be an Elf? Lots of exercise and sleep, mainly. Hair coloured, and enthusiasm for Christmas developed.

The Churchill square also have an Autism hour – one hour on three separate days – where people affected by autism can go to meet Santa and their needs will be catered for. As I have been working with people with autism for over a decade, I have been asked to advise on how to make it more accessible.

So being an Elf will last until the 23rd of December. After that, I will be looking for exciting new projects.


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