Sophie Methuen – Turner continues her journey..

Wow, I think it is safe to say we can say goodbye to 2017 now. In many ways, it’s such a shame to say goodbye – some really interesting, diverse and fun challenges occurred. However, 2018 is here, and of course, I am continuing my journey as a professional, Spotlight Actor.

First on my agenda is my showreel. Everyone who knows me knows that I really thrive as an interactive entertainer for kids – think Storyteller Elf where I got to tell the kids loads of amazing stories in character. However, I also perform as a serious actor as well, and I need a showreel to further my career. So I am excited because soon I will be getting my shiny new showreel from Daniel Harding.

I also am aiming to get new headshots, rejoin Equity and finish my course on LAMDA teaching. It’ s all happening!

I also have had several exciting opportunities come my way for more performance work. How splendid!

Sophie Methuen – Turner Brighton based, professional Spotlight actor.

Author: sophieactor

I am a Spotlight actor. I trained in Rep theatre. Website:

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