Sophie Methuen-Turner’s start to the year

2019 has started with a bang. Two murder mysteries in January, another in February, lots of auditions and some exciting things in the pipeline. I am looking to launch pad princess time – where I dress as Elsa and people take pictures etc. I am constantly on the lookout for new and engaging work to participate in so watch this space.

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Sophie Methuen – Turner performs in Hove Grown

This has been an unbelievably busy time for me. I performed in the opening night of Hove Grown, and not only that but I performed twice during the festival – once in a storytelling performance and for the second time in a performance as the sister of somebody who was affected by mental illness.

Now it is back to work as I prepare for my biggest challenge yet – Princess Diana….

Sophie Methuen – Turner sets to work on Diana..

As I am sure you are aware, portraying such an iconic figure was always going to be a struggle. Partly because she was so well liked, but also because people still remember her. There are also some personal setbacks – I am a qualified teacher, and regularly teach. This involves hand gestures and speaking/ articulating my point. However, Diana spoke with her eyes and less so with her hands. So one of the things I have been working on is not using my hands, and using my eyes more. This is a huge challenge.

I also am trialling learning my lines via audio. Never done that before, but it hopefully is working!

Sophie Methuen – Turner Brighton Actress.

Sophie Methuen – Turner continues her journey..

Wow, I think it is safe to say we can say goodbye to 2017 now. In many ways, it’s such a shame to say goodbye – some really interesting, diverse and fun challenges occurred. However, 2018 is here, and of course, I am continuing my journey as a professional, Spotlight Actor.

First on my agenda is my showreel. Everyone who knows me knows that I really thrive as an interactive entertainer for kids – think Storyteller Elf where I got to tell the kids loads of amazing stories in character. However, I also perform as a serious actor as well, and I need a showreel to further my career. So I am excited because soon I will be getting my shiny new showreel from Daniel Harding.

I also am aiming to get new headshots, rejoin Equity and finish my course on LAMDA teaching. It’ s all happening!

I also have had several exciting opportunities come my way for more performance work. How splendid!

Sophie Methuen – Turner Brighton based, professional Spotlight actor.

Sophie Methuen – Turner’s Elf experiences and Nativity lead to an exciting New Year…

So, December was an exciting challenge. I was given the role of Storyteller Elf in Santa’s Grotto. Basically, I had to interact with the Kids, prepare them for Santa and make their experience as magical as possible.

We had a lot of problems with the Grotto – several members of staff got really ill, so we had to find several new Elves. Quite funny how many professional actors who could fit into a size small costume that I know.

However, we had some excellent reviews and some great publicity.

The Nativity also was a challenge – swap of characters, very fast costume changes, but people said they found it hilarious! Not sure it’s family entertainment, but it was fun to be a part of!

That pretty well concludes 2017. Overall, 2017 has been a pretty great year.

If you have offered me some work last year, recommended me or encouraged me, know that I am honestly grateful and it has had a huge effect on my career.

Hope to see as many of you as possible in the New Year.

Best Wishes


Sophie Methuen – Turner becomes an Elf, joins the nativity and shoots a commercial for Barclays Bank

The last few weeks have really brought a happy conclusion to 2017. I became an Elf in Churchill Square, featuring highly in their promotional video ( see Churchill Square Facebook page) and appear in a significant part of their marketing strategy.

I also did a commercial for Barclays which will be used internally for their training etc. I had a lot of fun pretending to be “Katie who had misused personal information “. It was lovely to work with such exciting and fun people!

Finally, I have been cast in an AntiChristmas Nativity. I am the innkeeper, a silent murderer and a slave. It’s also a great opportunity for me to be a stagehand- something I have only professionally done once before.

Not sure what 2018 will bring, but fingers crossed it will be exciting.


Sophie Methuen – Turner transforms into an Elf for Churchill Square and gives advice for autism hour

Last week, I celebrated my Birthday. I was highly nervous about this as I was unsure I had achieved enough, and I feel the world is passing me by. However, I wrote a list of everything I have achieved in the past year. Yes, there have been bad elements. Yes there is room for more development. However, progression can be done and I have achieved.

I did a murder mystery event last night in Eastbourne. I love those! The chance to dress up, interact with people in fancy dress. Wonderful. It always reminds me of why I wanted to be an actor in the first place.

I am also preparing to be an Elf. This maybe a surprise to some, that because I’m tall I have been cast as an Elf. However, remember that Tolkein’s Elves were huge. How does one prepare to be an Elf? Lots of exercise and sleep, mainly. Hair coloured, and enthusiasm for Christmas developed.

The Churchill square also have an Autism hour – one hour on three separate days – where people affected by autism can go to meet Santa and their needs will be catered for. As I have been working with people with autism for over a decade, I have been asked to advise on how to make it more accessible.

So being an Elf will last until the 23rd of December. After that, I will be looking for exciting new projects.


Sophie Methuen – Turner’s Yearly Roundup

Soon it’s that dreaded time of the year.. the days get colder ( and shorter), dodgy Christmas hits can be heard from all the shops.. yes, my Birthday must be looking. On the one hand, it’s quite an exciting prospect – I get to see my friends, family, get a few gifts, a free milkshake from Ed’s Easy Diner, a free burger from Smashburger.. But part of me feels.. a little bit out of date, miles behind everyone else. So, I have decided to pile together some of the highlights of the year – starting from 17 November 2016 to what should be 17November 2017.

I performed in three murder mysteries this year, and more are booked for later in November / December, one with a company I have been trying to get to take me for years

Lacey Drawers and Ace Heartbreaker performed again at bar Woteva! In London

I was a shrink in The Holes in Hove Grown Festival

I was in Petrushka at the Rialto in Brighton for Brighton Fringe festival

I performed in a horror ball at the Komedia in Brighton

I was Princess Diana in a rehearsed reading of a play by Lady Colin Campbell and the costume designer said that when she closed her eyes ( during my performance ) she could see Diana

Acting Moon Events took me on as an interactive performer and I have performed with them many times at Groombridge Place

Tim Coakley hired me to perform one of his plays and to help market an already existing one

Fresh agency have hired me on more than one occasion, primarily as a promoter.

I have managed to acquire work for the majority of December as an Elf in Churchill Square shopping Centre

Now I have looked back on my year, I see many things have been achieved. Yes it’s hard work, yes you need to have a tough skin. But slowly, with patience and determination it can be done.

Disney isn’t for kids.

So when we think of Disney, most people think of odd little cartoons running around or unrealistic princesses in pretty dresses with no voice. Often, we also associate Disney with children. There’s no doubt about it, Disney does relate to children very effectively. The language is suitable, easy to comprehend and not obnoxious. There are very few scenes that are very graphic or sexualised. However, there is a strong link between Disney and Shakespeare. For example, the Lion King. Simba’s uncle kills his father, his father comes back as a ghost, Simba can’t really cope with the loss of his father and isn’t sure he’s up to the job, he also has two funny friends who help him on his way: doesn’t this sound alarmingly like Hamlet? Ok, take out the fact their lions, remove the odd hacoonamatata s, and the fact the hyienas killed Scar and it’s basically the same story.

You could say that’s a bit of a stretch, but actually Shakespeare appeares in other Disney films. In the remake of Beauty and the Beast, Belle reads out ” there were never a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” So although the storyline isn’t based around Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet features heavily in Beauty and the Beast. 

Iago- that famous manipulator in Othello- also makes an appearance in Aladdin as the Sultan’s bird. 

In the scene where Aladdin asks the genie to grant his wish to make him a prince, the genie replies ” Caesar salad.. et this Bruno” which is in fact a quote from Julius Caesar Act 3 scene 1 as Caesar is dying.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame also has many references to The Merchant of Venice- the Gargoyles quote it in their speech when Quasimodo is deciding whether to go to the party or not.

So the next time you want a soppy film, or your babysitting or chilling with the kids, have a deeper look into what exactly you are watching because Disney is for kids. But it’s also for adults.

What to do when life doesn’t go to plan…

So my partner and I have to move house again. The truth be told, we haven’t found anywhere that really we could see ourselves settling into since our last room in June. 

We have tried really hard, but it never ceases to amaze me how challenging it is to acquire a property in Brighton.

For example, in London, moving room/ house is a simple transaction. You have enough money for the rent, and deposit, and you pay. Here, however, the current tennants choose you. It becomes a lot more personal. One lot told us we could view it a week later, then meet the tennants the following week then wait for their decision a week later.

Agency fees are also extortionate. £250 per person, then as I am self employed, a guarantor, extra £100.

So what do you do when life throws you lemons?  Well, you need to keep on going. I have found it relaxing to have a bath, and go to sleep as it will probably be better in the morning. Here are some inspirational quotes I have found:

Just because my path is different doesn’t mean I am lost

Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. What matters is the courage to continue.

We must let go of the life we had planned so as to accept the life which is waiting for us

I can’t change the direction of the wind. But I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.